Karl M. Dennis
Violin Maker
48 Beach Street, Warren, RI  02885
                                                          What We Do

We are makers of  bowed stringed instruments. Although our reputation as experts in the field of early strings (baroque violin, viola da gamba, vielle, etc.) is well established, we are equally at home with the violin family in modern form, and they are are a substantial part of our interest and output. See the gallery for photographs and descriptions of  some of the different models we make.

                                                          The  Models

     Our violins, violas and cellos are modeled on what we consider the most beautiful and acoustically successful instruments of the great 17th and 18th century italian makers. Whether you express your art through chamber music, orchestral playing or as soloist, there is an instrument sound that most perfectly suits your needs. Different models with different outlines and arching principals have correspondingly unique voices, and we are very interested in making instruments that match the wishes and style of each player.

Adjustment and Set Up